The "Social Distancing Party"

Due to the Covid-19 severe restrictions put in place all over Europe and keeping us locked down in our homes, why not use this extra free time for  homebrewing of all kind of new radioprojects and communicate with fellow hams isolated in their shacks, as an extra measure to fight the sars-cov-2 bug?

To encourage and promote  "Home Brewing", CW and Low Power Communication, the EU QRP Foxhunt proudly announces...


The "Social Distancing Party"


open to all radio amateurs

starting from Monday 30th of March till Sunday 25th of October 2020  


Terms of business

  • The "Social Distancing Party " is an informal radio event and a friendly meeting amongst CW Low Power enthusiasts,
  • Bands : 80/60/40/30 and 20 meter (+/- 10KHz "window" near the International QRP Frequencies),
  • Used Output Power : anything between 0,1 and 20Watt, the use of 5W is highly recommended.

Time schedule

  • on Sunday: 08:30 - 09:30 UTC on 40m, 30m and 20m.
  • on Monday: 18:30- 19:30 UTC on 80m, 40m and 60 m.

Rules of engagement

All "Social Distancing Party" participants who start a session by calling: CQ SDP DE (ur call)... are defined as "Foxes". They can upload their log to the Foxhuntweblog:

  • Stations answering those "CQ SDP" callers will be in the given session: the honourable "Hunters" .
  • Exchange of RST rprts, name, QTH, power, antenna, etc. should be part of the QSO, please try to avoid the flat standard 599 taraboum!
  • After the skeds we usually exchange some final remarks or technical details via e-mail. (see Foxhuntweblog for group mail).

The Targets

  • Having as much QRP-fun as possible.
  • Promotion of CW activity.
  • Friendly exchange with a European community about CW, QRP-building projects, antennas etc...
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy outdoor /P or SOTA activity during the summer days, once the restrictions introduced across Europe to fight the Covid-19 outbreak are lifted.

Thank you for participating!
Andy - SP9NLI, Bert - DJ0MEW, Yves - ON4KCY & Jos - ON6WJ