"One QSO Challenge" (OQC) June - September 2019

The EU QRP Foxhunt proudly presents:

"One QSO Challenge" (OQC)

Special for those (unknown) OM's still remaining in their winter sleep please:

(make at least) ONE (cw) QSO (during the week) CHALLENGE

To promote and  encourage  the use of Low Power CW + Home Building, all kind of rigs & antenna's (simple and/or high-tech), all radio amateurs are invited to join us weekly during (NEW) 90 minutes of "CW fun" (even if you can, join us for only a few minutes during this period of time and make just one single QSO, which means that  you earn the "One-QSO-Challenge" trophy for this week! LOL ).

This Party is an Informal radio event and should be considered as a friendly meeting amongst CW Low Power enthusiasts .
No prices to win...  but you will find your "nice" Callsign in our weblog!

Weekly each Sunday and Monday, starting at June 2nd, 2019  ending on September, 30th 2019.

Each Sunday:
From 08:30 UTC till 10:00 UTC (90 minutes ! - feel free to enter and leave when it suits you).
QRG: 10.116 -10.126 kHz  and / or 14060-14070 kHz.

Each Monday:
From 18:30 UTC till 20:00 UTC (90 minutes! - same remark as on Sunday).
QRG:  3560-3570 kHz and or 7030-7040 kHz.

Rules: There are  actually NO rules!
We only ask you:

  1. To adapt your CW speed to the brave OM, who is willing to listen to ur weak sigs.
  2. Home built rigs are highly recommended! "H/B" = fully Home Brewed or commercial kits (built by yourself / by ur friend)  Ex-Military etc...
  3. We still do promote QRP, however using 5 Watt output is no longer mandatory. So, any power level up to max. 25W should be used ( 25W into a small small Magnetloop should be OK for those OM's  without any room/space for a full size Dipole).
  4. Foxes,i.e. stations calling CQ, must  call CQ OQC DE...ur callsgn....
  5. Chaser or Hunter are any station answering a Fox station.
  6. NEW: every station Fox and/or Hunter can upload his/her log to our web logbook: http://foxhunt.uba.be/fox-hunt-log (pse first apply for a password by an informal email to on6wj@skynet.be. Then we'lldo the rest ).
  7. Of course, during the Summer Season all outdoor activities like  /P /MM etc... are highly recommended.
  8. Last commandment: let's have some fun!

Thank you for participating!
Andy, SP9NLI   Bert,DJ0MEW    Yves,ON4KCY   Jos,ON6WJ


"The Telegraph Machine Contest"

A bit of history

November 2009 - two friends: Johan ON5EX (Silent Key) and Jos ON6WJ started a simple radiogame called the "UBA QRP Foxhunt".
Goal: to encourage and promoting the use of QRP and the "Noble Art of Telegraphy" on the 80 meterband.
Radio waves do not stop at the country borders, more radiofriends living outside Belgium joined this simple yet interesting radiofun...
It became a more informal radio event and a friendly meeting amongst CW Low Power enthusiasts. The "UBA QRP Foxhunt" became the (meanwhile world wide known) "EU QRP Foxhunt" and... extra bands were added...

To keep the shack during the winterevenings warm and cosy the Winter Season 2020 will start on Monday 4 November 2019 and ends at Sunday March 8th 2020.   

NEW NEW NEW  a Special Party celebrating our ten years anniversary !!!

Starting on December 6th, 2019, (the day when Sinterklaas visits all good children) till March 8th, 2020.
For the first time ever, a 3 month "Genuine Foxhunt" Low Power Contest will be held, open to all radioamateurs...

"Genuine Foxhunt"

Participating as a "Fox", will be these brave radioamateurs using the same or similar +/- 10 Euro costing transceiver !
Meaning: a  simple Xtal controlled, DC receiver and less then 5 Watt output rig.
"Forty-niner" ,"49'er" ,"Frogs Sound" ...the cheap Chinese "Telegraph Machines" from Ali-Express/Bangood/e-Bay...etc
(all kind of Antennas, keyers,power supply are allowed!!)

"The Telegraph Machine Contest"

"The Telegraph Machine Contest" is open for all amateurs...


80 / 60 / 40 / 30 and 20 meter, as much as possible in the vincinity of the QRP calling frequencies (where to find other Xtals then the Chinese 7,023Khz ? PSE read on).


  • Foxes do use less then 5 Watts !
  • Hunters preferably also low Power, in special occasions (very bad condx/thermionic horses inside etc ...  max limit is 20 Watts).

Time:Image removed.

  • on Sunday's:10:30 till 11:30 local time (Brussels) on 40m, 30m and 20m.
  • on Monday's: 20:30 till  21:30 local time (Brussels) on 80 and 60 m.

Term of business:
"Telegraph Machine", the original 49'er concept should be remain!

  1. Uses a Direct Conversion receiver...
  2. Each "TM" is a one band affair, and single Xtal controlled rig! (NO vfo's etc) ... to boost your final score, you have to build more "TM's" or solder other "rocks" + Low Pass filters,
  3. In case of any refinements or powerboosts (LOL) total Maximum allowed RF-Power to the Antenna should stay below 5 Watts (4,99 W is a valid number).
  4. Some examples of kits: http://www.norcalqrp.org/files/49er.pdf / http://www.norcalqrp.org/files/49erOrigMnl.pdf
  5. The G-QRP-Club can supply all kinds of Xtals at low costs: http://www.gqrp.com/sales.htm
Image removed.

In a Nutshell


  • Genuine or clones of the famous 49'er transceiver kits (clubproject of the NorCalQRP Club USA),
  • All possible derivatives = those super cheap kits from China (Ali-Express, e-Bay),
  • All "look a like" Home/Build rigs,
  • Given or stolen is also an option !

(hurry up, it's still time to order or build one of these beauties ...).

Some examples of kits

The Rules of engagement

  •   All "TM" owners do call:  CQ TM DE (ur call)... they are defined as "Foxes" ( can upload their log at the Foxhuntweblog) any stations answering those "TM" callers ,will be from now on: the honorable "Hunters" , these Hunters can use any type of (low power) transceiver!
  • Exchange of rprts during the Contest QSO: RST, name, QTH, power, antenna, etc. will be very appreciated, please not the usual 599 taraboum!

The Target

Having a lot of QRP-fun during our weekly one hour "waste of time"

Thank you for participating!
Andy, SP9NLI   Bert,DJ0MEW    Yves,ON4KCY   Jos,ON6WJ