The EU QRP Foxhunt proudly presents:

"One QSO Challenge" (OQC)

Special for those (unknown) OM's still remaining in their winter sleep please:

(make at least) ONE (cw) QSO (during the week) CHALLENGE

To promote and  encourage  the use of Low Power CW + Home Building, all kind of rigs & antenna's (simple and/or high-tech), all radio amateurs are invited to join us weekly during (NEW) 90 minutes of "CW fun" (even if you can, join us for only a few minutes during this period of time and make just one single QSO, which means that  you earn the "One-QSO-Challenge" trophy for this week! LOL ).

This Party is an Informal radio event and should be considered as a friendly meeting amongst CW Low Power enthusiasts .
No prices to win...  but you will find your "nice" Callsign in our weblog!

Weekly each Sunday and Monday, starting at June 2nd, 2019  ending on September, 30th 2019.

Each Sunday:
From 08:30 UTC till 10:00 UTC (90 minutes ! - feel free to enter and leave when it suits you).
QRG: 10.116 -10.126 kHz  and / or 14060-14070 kHz.

Each Monday:
From 18:30 UTC till 20:00 UTC (90 minutes! - same remark as on Sunday).
QRG:  3560-3570 kHz and or 7030-7040 kHz.

Rules: There are  actually NO rules!
We only ask you:

  1. To adapt your CW speed to the brave OM, who is willing to listen to ur weak sigs.
  2. Home built rigs are highly recommended! "H/B" = fully Home Brewed or commercial kits (built by yourself / by ur friend)  Ex-Military etc...
  3. We still do promote QRP, however using 5 Watt output is no longer mandatory. So, any power level up to max. 25W should be used ( 25W into a small small Magnetloop should be OK for those OM's  without any room/space for a full size Dipole).
  4. Foxes,i.e. stations calling CQ, must  call CQ OQC DE...ur callsgn....
  5. Chaser or Hunter are any station answering a Fox station.
  6. NEW: every station Fox and/or Hunter can upload his/her log to our web logbook: http://foxhunt.uba.be/fox-hunt-log (pse first apply for a password by an informal email to on6wj@skynet.be. Then we'lldo the rest ).
  7. Of course, during the Summer Season all outdoor activities like  /P /MM etc... are highly recommended.
  8. Last commandment: let's have some fun!

Thank you for participating!
Andy, SP9NLI   Bert,DJ0MEW    Yves,ON4KCY   Jos,ON6WJ